Air Quality Management Area 5 - Pollution in Greenstreet (A2)


"Air Quality"

To help communicate air pollution levels, governments, international bodies and academics use an indicator referred to as an "Air Quality Indicator" (AQI). The higher the number, the more likely you are to experience negative effects of pollution. The colour coding gives you an overview of what the AQI is at different time of the day and cumulatively over different periods of time.

.......................For descriptions of each colour-band (AQI) ... follow this link.
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"Vulnerable" People

Harm affects us all, but harm will be experienced most by vulnerable groups that include:-

To understand more about each main pollutant and what harm they create - visit the Pollutants Page.

Measurements help us to have Informed Conversations

The purpose of this website is to give you a balanced picture and understanding of toxic pollutants that we are already breathing.

With more traffic promised by SBC Planning Officials and Councillors along the A2, the picture can only get more grave.

Pollution Diary

This website includes regular measurements of levels of pollution (good and bad). The Pollution Diary includes:-


A very good national perspective can be found through the "Air UK" pages provided by Department of Environment, Farming and Fisheries (Defra).

Pollutants Pages

We want to Breathe Clean Air