Air Quality Management Area 5 - Pollution in Greenstreet (A2)

Are YOU affected by pollution?

The red areas of this map show where High Levels of pollution have been measured.
If I vary my jogging or others make use of the Plume Flow device, this may change the map.

Map indicating areas where pollution levels can be the same as AQMA5

This website includes records of real-time air quality using a Plume Laboratories - "Flow" Device.

August to December 2019 - Lower Road closed for water mains replacement
January to August 2020 - A2/Greenstreet restricted for water mains replacement
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Back to school thoughtsBack to School - what that can mean for children and pollution - some thoughts.

Air Pollution Index based on level of pollutants and maximum time to be outdoorsMEASUREMENT OF POLLUTION LEVELS AND THE TIME IT LASTS = "HARM"

Higher pollution leads to more harm, more quickly.

  • Pollution in AQMA5 is daily "Moderate" or above - the World Health Organisation declares this level harmful if experienced - all year.
  • "High" Pollution means harmful if it lasts for 24-hours.
  • "Very High" Pollution means harmful if it lasts for just one hour.

SBC only measures NOx at a time when we have got very high levels of VOCs, PM10 and PM2.5.
... Read more about Measurement of Harm (including Lynsted with Kingsdown Parish Council exploration).
... Browse the Pollution Diary.
... Check out what time of day we are most likely to experience peak pollution - graph.



ALL development approvals that join the A2 must logically add pollution to the AQMAs. We are already living with harmful levels of pollution from heavy and often congested traffic.
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Planned Pollution impacts us allPLANNING FOR POLLUTION

This website does not argue against housing; it does argue for housing in places with sensibly thought out infrastructure and with the least harm to the health of residents, visitors and workers.

Councillors & Officials have argued that they can deliver 'housing without more pollution'. They can only say this because they only measure NOx from combustion - engines are burning cleaner. SBC ignores three other toxic pollutants identified as harmful by Central Government (see Pollution Diary). So, SBC simply rolls over to Developers who always say that pollution (NOx) impacts from each development are "insignificant". This is not true if all pollutants are discussed. Perhaps the new Council will get on the front foot in delivering on health issues for their Residents?
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[Planning page updated 3rd May 2019]


SBC have ignored Government policies that link increases in housing with increases in harmful pollution - especially in AQMAs. The National Planning Policy Framework (2019) tells all Local Authorities that they must take into account the "cumulative impact" of all housing approvals where traffic will increase in existing AQMAs. SBC's behaviour undermines Government policies on reducing pollution at a local and national level.
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Toxic mix approved by Swale Borough Council Officials and CouncillorsTOXIC MIX APPROVED FOR CONSUMPTION BY YOUR COUNCIL

Nitrogen Dioxide (NOx); Particulate Matter (PM10); Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5); Non-methane Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs); Sulphur Dioxide; and Ammonia.
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Domestic woodburners are a major source of PM2.5 pollution. Is it time to dump them? Not really ... read on ... - also on Facebook Page (8th July 2019).

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Pollutant concentration at 1 metre