Air Quality Management Area 5 - Pollution in Greenstreet (A2)

Are YOU affected by pollution?

The red areas of this map show where High Levels of pollution have been measured.
If I vary my jogging or others make use of the Plume Flow device, this may change the map.

Map indicating areas where pollution levels can be the same as AQMA5

This website includes records of real-time air quality using a Plume Laboratories - "Flow" Device.


SBC appear to be ready to launch a welcome new Regulation 18 Public Consultation. The Local Plan Panel will share a proposed timetable at their meeting of 8th September 2021. The details will not emerge until the formal launch of the Reg18 Consultation in October 2021. An email has gone out (1st September 2021) to Residents and Neighbours to alert them to the process.

Lynsted Lane plans - 86 new homes - now on its own page

QUINN ESTATES launches attack on Rural Life and Grade 1 Farmland - 9,250 homes ("Highsted Park")
New website spearheads awareness campaign and sharing advice on making objections
Facebook: land.west.of.teynham

Latest Threat on East Side of Lynsted Lane
new junction 55 meters from A2

Phase 1 - 10 Homes
Phase 2 - up to 50 Homes in total (350 meters along Lynsted Lane).

DRAFT LOCAL PLAN - due for resubmission "late October 2021"
We must wait to see if SBC removes TAO in response to democratic responses in the flawed and doomed Reg19 Consultation.

"Teynham Area of Opportunity (TAO)" + Bearing Fruits - Total of 1,400+ new homes north and south of A2
add the 1,330 new homes already allocated under Bearing Fruits = 22,500 vehicles daily.
Add a Bypass through fields south of the A2.
Loss of two cul-de-sacs in Teynham Village to through traffic.

TAO Ingredients


World Health Organisation (WHO) Revises its Air Pollution "Harmful Thresholds". It is fifteen years since the last Report and the science has moved on considerably since then. Report 22nd September 2021. Infographic from New Scientist explains below:- PDF download
WHO Revised Saftey limits for air pollution
NEW: 300,000 Homes urban-focussed Policy Change and LETTER TO RESIDENT FROM SECRETARY OF STATE JENRICK about decisions by local authorities on "appropriateness" of housing numbers in Local Plans PDF download
Emerging Picture from the Local Plan Reg19 "Consultation". Kent Messenger article from the Chair of LKPC. PDF Download

NEW: Newspaper Report: "Law Firm issues challenge over housing blueprint." - Lynsted with Kingsdown Parish Council comes out fighting.

Open Newspaper article


Download the PDF
NEW Resident's website put together by those who have managed to comment - it really helps! I ftime is short, try using the Interactive Form. Very clear and easy to read website with only four pages!
NEW Letter from Helen Whately, MP for Faversham - sent out on 26th April 2021 on the Local Plan PDF Letter
Teynham Area of Opportunity paragraphs. Allows you to draft off-line and then cut and paste into SBC Consultation Portal. Your formatting is kept when you cut and paste into the Consultation Portal. Word download
RTF download
Summary of Key Arguments to use in "Policy AO1" - using the headings of relevant tests of deliverability, justification, legal compliance, compliance with national policy. PDF download

Drafting Ideas (including versions from Nigel Heriz-Smith) -

  • Links to each Paragraph drafting
  • Links to Consultation Portal paragraphs + Policy AO1
  • Frequently asked questions - I have had calls raising a few questions, but remember you can call SBC on (01795) 417014

Drafting ideas

The purpose of the website Is to simplify the process of commenting on the Local Plan. Try it and see! Simply copy and paste the statements (add anything else you want) into the representation form and email it off. You don't have to use the portal, which is clunky and time-consuming. STOP-TAO Website
Lynsted with Kingsdown Parish Council (LKPC): Dedicated Local Plan Newsletter (April 2021) Visit LKPC website Newsletter
Pollution: CPRE Report on Spread of Pollution associated with AQMA5 - April 2021 PDF Download
Pollution: Imperial College modelling of average pollution levels in Lynsted with Kingsdown (PM2.5, PM10, and NO2) in 20 square metres of the whole UK. The figures for Lynsted with Kingsdown Parish - created by a Parishioner. I found it very revealing. Parishioner's Project
Housing Numbers: Stacking up homes in the wrong place. Pollution, vibration, noise, congestion into the future. Add the other allocations already approved for Bapchild (600) and Ospringe (300). About 2,300+ homes total and all that brings with it. TAO Housing Numbers
Housing Development off Lynsted LaneNew House Farm Development off Lynsted Lane 10-40-50 homes proposed near A2/Lynsted Lane.
- KCC Letter 2020
- KCC Letter 2021-
- Link to the Proposalasking for entrance to the Site to be approved, associated with ten homes but gaining access to a much larger site.
Objection Letter - 26th May 2021 (Nigel Heriz-Smith)
Letter to Residents
New House Farm Development access being sought
Objection Letter
(Nigel Heriz-Smith)
Active Travel: Working Together to Promote Active Travel: A Briefing for Local Authorities - Public Health England questions the viability of "active travel" in rural communities. SBC is pissing into the wind with TAO Download
Bypass Survey: Lynsted with Kingsdown Parish Council (LKPC) shares the results of your responses to the idea of a bypass Visit LKPC website article

UPDATE: Direction of Travel: At their Meeting of 23rd September 2020, Swale Borough Council decided to support planning decisions based on "Option C" identified by Officials. That Option proposed that 10,000 new homes to be spread:

Option C Distribution of new housing developments (c.10,000) - SHLAA
Area Percentage Rough Numbers
Isle of Sheppey 14% 1,400 homes
Sittingbourne (Built up area and adjacent land) 10.5% 1,050 homes
Faversham (Built up area and adjacent land) 35% 3,500 homes

Rural Areas (supposedly keeping within any defined built areas like Teynham and Lynsted)
Then, without any warning, SBC secretly jumped straight to a decision to place the WHOLE allocation for rural areas into the "Teynham Area of Opportunity" - essentially dumping housing without ever consulting.

10.5% 1,050 homes
Windfall (unplanned infilling and development sites that don't breach SBC POlicies and rules set by National Planning Policy Framework, 2018) - they could appear ANYWHERE 30% 3,000 homes

Map Local Plan Review showing agreed and potential sites for development


The Full Document can be downloaded here - 80MB, 560 Pages - if this is too much, watch this space for smaller PDFs for each group identified below over the weekend of 20th/21st June 2020. Be patient, this is not a trivial process! I may also produce a Map like the one I did for the first Borough Plan - see here. Frightening!

I have put all the Candidate Plots offered into the Local Plan Revision - - - Worst case scenario, Teynham becomes continuously linked along the A2 to Sittingbourne. Bapchild disappears entirely. Urban sprawl absorbs all the agricultural land south of the A2 from DULLY LANE to Sittingbourne. This appears to be the direction of travel given the language used by SBC officials that favour the "mega proposals" over the smaller plots that are "rejected" - especially around Tonge/Bapchild.

A Spreadsheet has been shared with me by a friend, which very helpfully exposes the full enormity of what we are threatened by - Excel Sheet download. Be aware, some of the associations are wrong ... Cellar Hill is not in Teynham the last time I looked!

The Plots of Land from Sittingbourne to Faversham can be viewed more easily in this shorter document.

I have prepared a map for OSPRINGE and FAVERSHAM showing the candidate plots of land being put forward for adoption in the Revised Local Plan. Those plots that feeddirectly onto the A2 are the most obvious threat to AQMA5, in particular those in and around Ospringe. However, the bigger picture for Faversham is not pretty.

Taken together or separately, all these options add to harmful pollution in existing AQMAs. Any suggestion otherwise is a nonsense. Agriculture will also be damaged.

Be aware, Swale Borough Council plans to hold its Meetings,
including Planning Meetings, via Skype.



  1. KCC Highways letter of 22nd January 2020 asking for more information before a decision can be made

Alert sent by email to Residents and Neighbours, 24th January 2020

  1. KCC Highways repeat their rejection after considering all information provided - 30th June 2020


Lynsted with Kingsdown Parish Council Objection Letter, 11th November 2019

Lynsted with Kingsdown Parish Council Objection Letter, 29th June 2020

Local Government Air Quality Responsibilities
House of Commons Library Briefing Paper for MPs
(Issued 25th February 2020)

Tree imageWoodland natural capital accounts, UK: 2020.
Natural capital accounts containing information on ecosystem services for woodlands in the UK.

This Bulletin, issued 28th February 2020 by the Office of National Statistics, is not as "snooze-making" as the title appears!
I lays out in plain English, the problems we face from poor tree cover and the financial benefits that come from local planting at the small-scale - not just forests and woodlands. 46-pages but a lot of that is illustration/graphs...etc.

Living with Beauty - Promoting health, well-being and sustainable growth

Published 28th January 2020 - 190 Pages - This is a very wide-ranging document. My interest is in idea of planting fruit trees as part of the planning approvals process as well as improving public spaces. Remember, you can order fruit trees in different sizes - you do this by choosing a "rootstock" - this is summarised and explained by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). Brogdale can also help.
If time is short - read pages 35-52 which summarise "What Should Be Done?".
If you are even shorter of time ...
"Policy Proposition 32: plant urban orchards – one fruit tree per house. In addition to the wider benefits set out, there is a need to reconnect children with nature and with the sources of their food. The government should:-

Latest Government Statistics on Pollution trends across the UK, 14th February 2020

I have written to Neighbours and Residents to alert them to the latest evidence that we face "business as usual" when it comes to protecting our health against the attack of major housing developments injecting and trapping yet more traffic into the A2 in places where drivers have very little choice but to join queues that spew harmful Particulate Matter into our bodies. You can read that email here.I produced a graph for the data from 2008 to 2018 to help make the point.

The short lesson for Swale Borough Council is - stop ignoring the bigger picture!
Fixating on NOx alone means our health is in the hands of people wearing very narrow blinkers.
We have a new SBC administration, what do you think? Will officials be instructed to get a grip on reality? Or will the bully boys win?
There is a need for good quality housing, but not if all logic and compassion is ignored.

Here we go again!
My "starter for ten points" has been submitted to the Planning Portal on 23rd October 2019
We have raised many issues of concern, most have direct connection with SBC legal responsibilities to "reduce" harm and reinforce the importance of "Lynsted with Kingsdown Parish" as a rural parish that benefits us all - north and south of the A2.

Keep your eyes open!

If this proposal is revisited by the Developers to make material changes,
we will have to stand ready to resubmit ALL our objections
because SBC would fire a new "Starting Gun."
[Contact methods retained (below) just in case]

· Online at: THIS LINK - opens the exact page or (General Entry page). You may find you have to re-register on the Portal as several of us have been removed due to new Data Protection requirements! Get in early to create your new profile! Otherwise you will wait forever for an email to update your password, etc!
· Email - if your objection has images or heavy formatting that you think is important. The Planning Portal strips out formatting rendering it as plain text. In that case, save your comments as a PDF and email it to this email address.
· Write to Mid Kent Planning Support, Maidstone House, King Street, Maidstone ME15 6JQ - Case Officer - Andrew Spiers

2nd January to September 2020 - A2/Greenstreet restricted for water mains replacement (click this link)

Air Pollution Index based on level of pollutants and maximum time to be outdoorsMEASUREMENT OF POLLUTION LEVELS AND THE TIME IT LASTS = "HARM"

Higher pollution leads to more harm, more quickly.

  • Pollution in AQMA5 is daily "Moderate" or above - the World Health Organisation declares this level harmful if experienced - all year.
  • "High" Pollution means harmful if it lasts for 24-hours.
  • "Very High" Pollution means harmful if it lasts for just one hour.

SBC only measures NOx at a time when we have got very high levels of VOCs, PM10 and PM2.5.
... Read more about Measurement of Harm (including Lynsted with Kingsdown Parish Council exploration).
... Browse the Pollution Diary.
... Check out what time of day we are most likely to experience peak pollution - graph.



ALL development approvals that join the A2 must logically add pollution to the AQMAs. We are already living with harmful levels of pollution from heavy and often congested traffic.
Read more about the A2 and Greenstreet ...

Planned Pollution impacts us allPLANNING FOR POLLUTION

This website does not argue against housing; it does argue for housing in places with sensibly thought out infrastructure and with the least harm to the health of residents, visitors and workers.

Councillors & Officials have argued that they can deliver 'housing without more pollution'. They can only say this because they only measure NOx from combustion - engines are burning cleaner. SBC ignores three other toxic pollutants identified as harmful by Central Government (see Pollution Diary). So, SBC simply rolls over to Developers who always say that pollution (NOx) impacts from each development are "insignificant". This is not true if all pollutants are discussed. Perhaps the new Council will get on the front foot in delivering on health issues for their Residents?
Read more about planning decisions and language used ...
[Planning page updated 3rd May 2019]


SBC have ignored Government policies that link increases in housing with increases in harmful pollution - especially in AQMAs. The National Planning Policy Framework (2019) tells all Local Authorities that they must take into account the "cumulative impact" of all housing approvals where traffic will increase in existing AQMAs. SBC's behaviour undermines Government policies on reducing pollution at a local and national level. The Court of Appeal has made abundantly clear the overriding importance of pollution, cumulative impacts and planning decisions in its judgement of 12th September 2019.
Read more about Official Documents ...

Toxic mix approved by Swale Borough Council Officials and CouncillorsTOXIC MIX APPROVED FOR CONSUMPTION BY YOUR COUNCIL

Nitrogen Dioxide (NOx); Particulate Matter (PM10); Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5); Non-methane Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs); Sulphur Dioxide; and Ammonia.
Read more about toxic pollutants ...

This website grew from ad hoc entries into the website - hopefully this new site allows for better structure and clarity. Please let me know if you have suggestions for changes or additions.

Facebook AQMA5A2Innovation around Facebook. I am instinctively suspicious of Facebook but I have decided to try a Facebook Page in support of this website - My intention (so far) is to share ideas about vocabulary used in planning and pollution. Perhaps also pick on interesting ideas from the news or policy-makers. For those of you who don't 'do' Facebook, I have added a page to this site in which Facebook posts will appear from time to time. Go to my web-page for non-Facebook peeps.


HOW CAN I MAKE OBJECTIONS TO THIS AND OTHER PROPOSALS? There are several options - listed here

We want to Breathe Clean Air

Developer Pressure Outside the Borough Plan

  1. QUINN ESTATES plans to suck in more traffic along the A2 - 1,250 homes West of Teynham plus 8,000 homes filling in between M2 and A2 up to Dully Lane and swallowing Bapchild. Follow the new website run by Paul Townson from Teynham.
  2. LYNSTED 19/505036/OUT - NEW - Lynsted with Kingsdown PC flier sent out 3rd November.
  3. NEW Parish Council Letter objecting to SBC Draft Local Plan - to build 1,400 new homes around Greenstreet (A2) and Teynham Village..
  4. LYNSTED 120: 16/506237/OUT - withdrawn
    KCC Highways and Transportation Response (dated 20th March; Posted 24th May).
  5. SITTINGBOURNE 11,250: South & East of Sittingbourne: 17/506492/ENVSCR - Possible "Garden Community" (really it is "urban Sprawl").
  6. NORTON ASH 67: 14/505933/FULL - old Garden Centre Site

Borough Plan Approved Additions to A2 Traffic and Pollution

  1. TEYNHAM 300+Commercial Properties: 16/507689/OUT - Frognall Lane. This development will have priority at the roundabout on the A2 over all traffic on the A2 travelling west. So we will have an entirely NEW source of congestion flowing back into AQMA5!
  2. TEYNHAM 130: 18/503697/FULL - Station Road
  3. BAPCHILD 600: 14/501588/OUT - Stones Farm, Bapchild
  4. SITTINGBOURNE 540: 15/510254/OUT - Swanstree Avenue
  5. OSPRINGE 250 + 50: 14/502729/OUT - Brickworks & 17/505079/OUT - Western Link/A2
  6. FAVERSHAM 310 + 63: 15/504264/OUT - Perry Court & SW/13/1567 - Opp. Greenways
  7. BRICKEARTH from BARROW GREEN FARM - 760,000 tonnes extraction 30,000 tons per annum for 25 years.

Facebook AQMA5A2 Facebook Page

Domestic woodburners are a major source of PM2.5 pollution. Is it time to dump them? Not really ... read on ... - also on Facebook Page (8th July 2019).

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Pollutant concentration at 1 metre